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    What is Health Insurance?

    Health insurance is a kind of contract between you and your insurance provider where you a pay a certain amount of money to your insurance provider as premiums. In return, your insurance provider takes care of your medical expenses incurred in hospitalization. Based on the type of health coverage, the insured person either pay and get reimbursed by the insurance company, or the insurance company pays directly to the hospital.

    Importance of Health Insurance

    Health insurance enables you to protect you and your family against medical expenses/hospitalization caused due to illness or accident. A health insurance policy covers you and your family’s consultation fees, diagnostic tests, nursing care, surgeries, hospital accommodation etc. It also pays for your regular medical check-ups.

    Key Features and Benefits of Health Insurance

    Health insurance comes with a number of attractive features and benefits which include:

    • Health insurance pays for your hospitalization caused due to illness and accidents.
    • Provides hospital cash.
    • Get cover for hospitalizations caused due to maternity for stipulated period of time.
    • You can purchase both single and family floater plan. A family floater plan covers your whole family.
    • Health insurance policies enable you to include you children under it and provide cover for sickness and accident related medical cost.
    • You can renew your health insurance policies. You need to renew your policy your policy within a particular period stated by the insurance provider.
    • Offers group health insurances plans.
    • You can also enjoy certain portability benefits that enable to you to switch from one policy to another.
    • Premiums rates are affordable and vary based on factors like your age, sum assured, policy tenure etc.
    • Certain pre-existing diseases are not covered.
    • Offers cover for critical illness.
    • Get worldwide coverage.
    • Easy documentation and fast processing.
    • Offers free look period of 30 days.
    • Get immediate sum assured payouts.
    • Health insurance policies can be availed by both UAE nationals and non-UAE individuals.
    • Covers in patient hospitalization expenses.
    • Some policies cover the cost of drugs and medicines.
    • Provides cover for emergency ambulance services.
    • Also, get cover for expenses related to organ transplant.
    • Provides cover for ambulance cost.
    • Get cover for dental injuries caused by accident.


    Although health insurance policies cover a major portion of medical cost incurred in hospitalization and treatment, it does not cover certain things. The exclusions include – medical conditions caused by illegal behaviour, certain pre-existing diseases, self-inflicted injuries, cost incurred in dental and optical treatments, medical condition caused by hazardous activities, injury caused by professional sports etc. Also, medical situation caused by terrorism, conflict, war, natural disasters are not covered under health insurance in UAE.

    How to make a claim?

    You can claim your health insurance by contacting your insurance provider. You can contact them via phone or email. As per your request, the company representative will get in touch with you and initiate the claim process. Also, you can make your health insurance claim online. To make a claim online, you need to validate yourself by providing your policy no, membership no, phone number, and date of birth and any other information required by the online page. Upon successful validation and submission of complete application form supported by necessary documents, your claim will be settled within a maximum of 15 working days.

    Buy Health Insurance Online

    You can buy health insurance policies online by visiting the website of your health insurance provider. These days, almost all insurance companies provide the provision of buying health insurance online. You can also renew them online.

    How to choose the best Health Insurance

    In order to choose the best health insurance in UAE, you need to study the insurance market and find out the various insurance providers that provide health insurance at competitive rates. Get quotes from these insurance providers and compare their premium rates and services. Then based on your requirements, you can choose a health insurance cover for you and your family.

    Top Health Insurance providers in UAE:

    Some of the top health insurance providers in UAE include:

    CBD Health Insurance

    CBD offers CritiCare health insurance policy. The policy offers lump sum coverage for 37 critical illness and provides worldwide coverage.

    Emirates NBD Health Insurance

    Emirates NBD offers health insurance plans like International Term Assurance and Futura Protection Plan. These plans also serve as savings plans. Both the plans are issued and underwritten by Zurich International Life.

    FGB Health Insurance

    FGB (First Gulf Bank) offers three major health insurance plans which include - Diabetes Care, Critical Illness and Well Woman Plan.

    Mashreq Bank Health Insurance

    Mashreq Bank offers health insurance plans in association with Met Life. The plans are issued by Metlife. Mashreq Bank offers CritiCare Insurance to protect you and your family from increased medical cost. It is a protection plus savings plan.

    Citibank Health Insurance

    Citibank UAE offers health insurance plans like Critical illness Plan, Income Protection Plan, Hospital Care etc., to help you secure you and your family against medical expenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

    1. Why do I need Health Insurance?

    2. You need health insurance to protect you and your family against high and unexpected medical cost.

    3. Does health insurance provide cover against organ transplant related expenses?

    4. Yes, many health insurance policies provide cover against organ transplant related expenses.

    5. Can I purchase my health insurance policy online?

    6. Yes, you can purchase your health insurance policy online.

    7. Will my health insurance policy cover my pre-existing diseases?

    8. No, your health insurance policy will not cover your pre-existing diseases.

    9. Can I get health insurance cover for my dental injury?

    10. Normally, health insurance does provide cover for dental injury unless it is caused by accident.

    11. Does Mashreq Bank offer its health insurance plans directly?

    12. No, Mashreq Bank’s health insurance plans are underwritten and issued by MetLife.

    13. How many critical illnesses are covered by CBD CritiCare?

    14. CBD CritiCare covers 37 critical illnesses under it.

    15. Can I get worldwide coverage with my health insurance policy?

    16. Yes, you can get worldwide coverage with health insurance plans like CBD CritiCare.

    17. Do I need to go through medical screening before purchasing any health insurance plan?

    18. Yes, some health insurance providers demand medical screening on your part before issuing you a policy. However, it is subject to your age and vary from one insurance provider to another.

    19. How will a health insurance help me?

    20. A health insurance will offer cover against many kinds of illnesses and medical expenses. You can also select from several clinics and hospitals, specialists and doctors, and the time of treatment. You will also get private treatment at the hospitals that are partners with your insurance provider.

    21. What medical expenses are covered by a health insurance?

    22. A health insurance covers hospitalisation charges for the medical conditions that you have chosen in your policy. This includes sudden or new illnesses too. Depending on the policy, you would be covered for complete or partial payment of hospital expenses.

    23. Will I be covered for the existing illnesses?

    24. Existing illnesses are not usually covered under a health insurance. Before applying for the policy you need to declare your existing illnesses. You may also have to get certified on your existing health problems by a medical practitioner. However, some group policies offer coverage for existing illnesses. Check with your insurance provider for further clarifications.

    25. Are there any conditions that may not be covered in a health insurance?

    26. Treatment from some specialists that are not part of the pure medicine discipline, may not be covered by certain insurance providers. You may have to get referral to these specialists from a certified medical practitioner who falls under the insurance cover. It is advisable to check with your insurer before claiming treatment charges on psychological, chiropractic or dental problems. Physiotherapy and maternity expenses are also sometimes not covered.

    27. Do all hospitals accept health insurance policy-holders?

    28. No. You need to check with your insurance company on which hospitals or specialist clinics are partnered with it. You will be able to get the benefits of the policy only if you are hospitalised with the partner institutions of your insurer.

    29. Is my health insurance valid in countries other than where I reside?

    30. This depends on the policy area you have chosen. If you have selected a GCC coverage plan, then your health insurance will be valid in all member countries of the GCC. You may also be able to choose worldwide coverage including United States of America, Canada and the Caribbean, or worldwide coverage excluding the North American countries, or coverage for European nations under Schengen Visa.

    News about Health Insurance in the UAE

    • Pay AED500 penalty in Dubai from January

      Dubai Health Authority has made it mandatory for every visa holder to have a health insurance. Though 88% of the people are already covered, the remaining 12% are yet to be covered by the end of December, 2016. Those who don’t buy the health insurance cover, will have to pay a fine of AED500 per month from January, 2017. Dubai’s DHA will not be offering any more extension or getting the insurance cover. The companies that fail to provide medical insurance will face fines up to AED500,000 after the deadline. DHA has approved 46 health insurance companies to provide the health insurance scheme.

      29th November 2016

    • No further extension will be provided on mandatory health insurance

      No further extension will be provided to the employers who have not purchased the health insurance to their employees. Those who haven’t purchased the insurance will have to start paying penalties from the end of the year. Director of DHA said that 88% of the targeted population in Dubai have health insurance and the remaining 12% need to be insured within a month. The fine is set at Dh500 per person and the basic insurance package starts at Dh550 per person. So, paying the fine is more expensive than the cost of the insurance.

      21st November 2016

    • Dubai companies will be fined Dh500 for not providing insurance to employees

      There are affordable insurance packages that an employee with low income can provide to his dependents. If the companies fail to purchase insurance to their employees, they will be charged Dh500 for each employee without insurance. The basic insurance benefit packages start at Dh550 and it is cheaper for them to purchase the insurance than pay the fine. The director of DHA has said that they require the health insurance to link to Dubai residency visas and the companies are prohibited from deducting insurance amount from the employees salaries to protect the workers.

      19th November 2016

    • DHA urges insurance companies to provide cost effective packages

      Dubai Health Authority has asked for the insurance companies to use innovative methods to reach out to residents regarding the mandatory health insurance scheme. There are around 1 million residents that still need to get insured before 31st December, 2016. The Director of health funding at DHA, Dr. Haidar Al Yousuf, said that insurance companies must come up with innovative ideas to reach out to the big number of people. He also added that if the employer is not providing insurance to the employee’s dependents, the employee must take one for his or her dependents.

      18th November 2016

    • Minimal insurance cover for mental health a burden on patients

      When a person admits that he or she is suffering from a mental health trouble, it is an extremely big step, due to the presence of social stigma. Apart from taking this big leap, one also needs to worry about the funds required for therapy. The insurance cover for mental health treatments in the UAE is very low compared to the facilities available for physical health.

      A few health insurance policies in the UAE consider psychiatry and psychological therapy. Certain insurance plans such as the Thiqa insurance plan of Daman, give mental healthcare free of cost. Expatriates tend to struggle as most of their insurance plans don’t include psychological treatment. Often, many individuals refrain from going to a therapist as they just cannot bear the expenses. Dr Yousef Abou Allaban, a renowned doctor, feels that these insurance plans are highly unproductive and that mental health doctors are restricted from treating their patients effectively.

      16th November 2016

    • Daman insurance to allow people to utilise Emirates ID for healthcare

      If you have been insured by Daman, you can avail healthcare services by using your Emirates ID card. Each customer’s data from Daman is being combined with Emirates ID cards. You can also choose the Daman mobile app instead of the cards for healthcare services if the ID doesn’t work.

      Advanced card-reading machines have been allocated by Daman and Emirates ID to healthcare centres so that these centres can secure ID information. This measure assists the smart services programme of the government. A card reader gets information regarding a patient and forwards it to the servers of Daman. These servers will recognise what benefits the patient is entitled to.

      The Ministry of Health and Prevention aims to make healthcare centres in Abu Dhabi more modernised by introducing the use of these insurance cards as well as a system for electronic claims.

      15th November 2016

    • Rise in healthcare mergers and acquisitions in GCC to help consumers

      The healthcare sector has seen immense growth in the GCC region since 2015, as a result of rising consumer demand. This, in turn, has resulted in diversity of services and products, and mergers and acquisitions within the sector, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

      This increasing demand is mainly due to 3 factors: increase in population, change in lifestyle and the resultant rise in non-communicable diseases, and compulsory health insurance for employees. With more mergers and acquisitions and public-private partnerships, increasing competition, and diversification, consumers now have easy access to a higher number of healthcare and health insurance services.

      Additionally, mergers and acquisitions result in large companies, which in turn, can influence the insurance companies, and provide consumers with specialist services and diverse products.

      14th November 2016

    • Insurance premiums could surge soon

      New law requiring compulsory health insurance for UAE residents is being implemented and this is expected to be a key driver for the growth of the insurance sector. The projected insurance growth for Saudi Arabia is 9% by 2020. The UAE market has performed well despite the difficult economic conditions despite the structural evolution. UAE secured 10th place out of the 22 countries that were assessed in the report generated by EY. The rise in the internet technologies will accelerate the adoption of new products which is tailored to new customers and their needs.

      03rd November 2016

    • DHA facility is accepting insurance direct billing

      The direct billing service has been extended to the emergency, inpatient and outpatient services in Latifa Hospital, Rashid Hospital and Mankhool Health Centre. The bills are directly accepted instead of the patients having to settle the bill and waiting for reimbursement from the insurance provider. DHA has signed 34 contracts with health insurance companies in order to expand the scope of health insurance benefiters. Close to 5,000 patients who are privately insured have been treated since the launch of the direct billing service. Latifa Hospital, Rashid Hospital and Mankhool Health Centre will start accepting those who are included in the insurance package from 7th November.

      02nd November 2016

    • Only a few UAE women are covered for critical illnesses

      According to the recent YouGov survey which was commissioned by Friends Provident International, only a few women in the UAE have critical illness cover. Only 18% of the female respondents had critical illness insurance when compared to 23% of male respondents. The main reason for the female respondents for not having a critical illness cover is that they were not familiar with the concept of the critical illness insurance. The mandatory health insurance is only designed to cover medical expenses and women must consider the impact on their family if they were to contract a serious illness.

      20th October 2016

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